In case you live under a rock like myself, the Big Ten realignment has split the conference into the East and West divisions and the biggest winner: Wisco!

Brian Bennet has a great post on that sums up all of the winners and losers but topping the list is that big ol' motion W. The good news for the M'H! team is that Iowa and Wisconsin are now in the same division so the rivalry is back!

I would be willing to go out on a limb and say that Iowa is also winning in the realignment since all of the true rivalry games are with neighboring states in the West. That, and the less frequently you have to play Ohio State, the better your record will look.

The Big Ten East will include: Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State and Rutgers. The Big Ten West will include: Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue and Wisconsin. As for Maryland and Rutgers, good luck getting to a bowl game!

R.I.P. Legends and Leaders divisions. Thank goodness.

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