What about Bob?

In yet another throwback to the 80's, Full House is making a comeback. Netflix has ordered 13 episodes of Fuller House and will bring some new nostalgia to the streaming service alongside all of the other old movies and piles of vintage television shows. The real question is whether or not Bob Saget is dead.

Turns out, Bob is alive and well but typing Bob Saget into Google will suggest 'bob saget died.' Nice work, internet. Now that we've cleared up that hoax, can he please become a featured segment in the rehashed show? I would seriously watch all 13 episodes of Fuller House if Bob could break free from his old character and tell dirty grandpa jokes as he is wont to do. Forget the Olsen twins, Bob Saget is the diamond in the rough that could make Fuller House a cult hit.

Or you could recreate the Beach Boys episode which is a pop culture gold mine.

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