Wake n’ Bacon

So, do you love the look, smell, and taste of that salty pork candy, I like to call bacon, as much as I do? Well, when you get to a level of devotion where you must ... er ... MUST wake up to that sizzle, you now have two options.

The first is to take the Michael Scott, of The Office, approach by investing in a George Foreman Grill, allowing you to ACTUALLY wake up to the sound and smell of bacon in your bedroom. Sounds pretty freaking outstanding, eh? We're with ya', cuz, but there are inherent dangers to this approach:

A much safer alternative to Michael Scott's approach is downloading Oscar Mayer's new bacon alarm clock app, which allows you to wake up to the sight, sound, and, if you're lucky, smell of bacon, all without that pesky burn factor.

Then, you can wake up and fry some bacon the proper way. Just don't do it shirtless ... that can get painful.

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