Undercover boozin’!

Sneaky hooch sipping has now ventured into the realm of communications technology with the iFlask!

Not to be outdone by other covert boozing tools, the Sippin' Seat, Barnoculars, Sneaky Shorts, or personal favorite, the Wine Rack, the iFlask is cleverly shaped like an iPhone, so you can get schnackered while your teetotaling colleagues think you're taking an important call to finally close that elusive Anderson deal! They'll be none the wiser, cuz!

Now, you probably want to purchase dozens of these, but hold on! A modern technological marvel of this sort, can't be rushed, so the iFlask is still in the developmental phase. Remember, patience is a virtue.

So, with the wait, we're just left to dream of the endless possibilities for this contraption. In the meantime, here are the genius inventors to show you how this modern wonder of guzzling gadgetry works:

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