Time Waster

Excel spreadsheets seem to go on and on for eternity, especially those my former boss would ask me to do, but have you ever wondered if there was an actual end to those, seemingly incessant, alphanumeric boxes of blandness? Well, some dude decided to fetch that answer for us, and he did us all a damn service by doing so, I tell you what.

Hunter Hobbs of Norman, Oklahoma decided that his lot in life was to press that down arrow key until he couldn't press it no more. It turns out that the "you can't press it no more" point arrived, roughly, around the 10-hour mark. You can watch all of the thrilling action right here, including paddle ball, pizza noshing, phone conversations, and the reading of questionable books. One can only surmise that some sort of catheter or bucket was utilized for other necessities.

Anywho, this all reminds me of the time that kid asked Mr. Owl how many licks it takes to get to the end of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop. However, Mr. Owl was a dick (see below), so we may never know the true answer to that question, but, thanks to a true American, like Mr. Hobbs, we now have the answer to a question no one cared about ... at least not out loud.

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