Time killer

Lookin' to kill an hour or twelve? Well, yer in luck, because Google has partnered with Lego to create an online Lego builder that is sure to take lazin' on the job to a whole new level!

Build With Chrome takes the frustrations of building a Lego model (still easier than putting together IKEA products) and puts them online. Because you'll obviously want to showcase your talents to other Lego nerds, builders have the ability to publish their work and geo-tag it, so the world's Lego "masterpieces" can be viewed and, undoubtedly, professionally criticized.

Lest you think Google and Lego have provided this opportunity to goldbrick out of the goodness of their hearts, you'd be sorely mistaken. They see this venture as a hypnosis, of sorts, to get folks to see The Lego Movie, which just so happens to open February 7.

Those clever devils!

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