The Perfect Boyfriend

It looks like someone was watching the movie Her and thought 'there should be an app for that.' Invisible Boyfriend will be your perfect man for $24.99 a month - calls included - and will confirm that our love lives and virtual lives are become more and more intertwined.

From their website:

"Create your own boyfriend. You'll give him a name, choose his age and photo and create his personality."

Like a page out of Weird Science. It's pretty easy to pass judgement on this particular product because it smells of deception and desperation but they have a defense for that aspect. The app "creates a safe space for you to practice texting with a real human if you’re out of practice." Hmmmm, well I guess you do have to take a few practice swings in the batting cages before it's time to play ball.

For a hearty laugh, check out Karissa Bell's experience with the service as she immediately tries to pick a fight with her new man.


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