The King is Gone

... but not forgotten.

Music legend B.B. King passed away May 14, marking the passing of yet another iconic music figure.

I regard B.B. King's work as one of those "soundtrack of my life" type artists whose work really struck a chord, pun intended, with me. My first exposure to King was my first viewing of U2's Rattle and Hum when B.B. despite being "horrible with chords," joined the band for a tremendous version of "When Love Comes to Town". That appearance caused this punk kid to pick up B.B. King Live at the Apollo, eventually leading to the purchase of his Live at the Regal album, which is arguably the best live album ever and is still where I direct folks when asked for an intro to B.B. King.

Mr. King transcended his genre, bringing the blues to the masses but never compromising his artistry. Rest in peace, B.B. King. The King of the Blues might be gone, but the THRILL lives on!

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