The Google Glass effect

Outside of Google's secretive lair of technology, no one REALLY knows EXACTLY what Google Glass does, yet it's got folks all over the place excited AND concerned about the possibilities.

- Will it lead to massive pedestrian/bus mishaps?

- Will it help us find our soulmate or destroy our social lives?

- Will we have a new fiasco on our hands with "Google Glassing and driving"?

- Will the owner of your favorite watering hole banish you for putting off a creepy/pervy vibe?

- Will the true creeps and pervs have even more of a reason to be creepy and/or pervy?

Or, will Google Glass simply be a revolutionary technology?

All valid questions to be answered when more than a few of us get our grubby lil' mitts on these things.

Until then, we're left to speculate along with the creeps and pervs.

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