Tastes Like Tinkle

Beers like Blatz, Hamm's, Black Label, Schlitz, Old Style, Pabst, Rhinelander, Meister Brau, and others of that ilk have, one time or another, been dismissed by those with, clearly, more sophisticated palates, as "piss water".

For the record, I'd drink a gallon of any of these (well, maybe not Rhinelander) before I jam even one Bud Light down my gullet, but that's neither here nor there. Now, thanks[?] to some folks in Oregon, we might be drinking piss water for reals!

You read that right, a homebrewing group called the Oregon Brew Crew is teaming up with Cleanwater Services, a wastewater treatment company, to brew a beer, using the treated water.

Given Bill Gates' recent support of a project that turns dookie into drinking water, we might all be getting piss drunk off of our pee pee and boom boom in no time.



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