Van Life

Despite the bad rap often laid upon the van life, such as Matt Foley's lament of having to live "in a van down by the river," or Jerry rejecting Kramer's offer of a trade of celebrity memorabilia for Jerry's "big, juicy van," some have embraced the bohemian van life and turned it into a social media movement.


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Ahead of the #Curvy

Since its launch, Instagram has tried to maintain a somewhat squeaky clean image. They don't allow sexually explicit images and complete nudity is forbidden, which has led them to wage a war, of sorts, on various hashtags they believe ne'er do wells may use to skirt the system.


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Martin Luther Wilson

As a Packer fan, I've had a couple of days to deal with the horrendous debacle that was the NFC Championship. Now, I need to deal with a Super Bowl that includes two teams I just LOVE to hate.


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Served by Prince

Prince is killin' it! In fact, the man's been on a three year roll ever since he told Kim Kardashian to get her no dancin' ASS off the stage.


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Redskins FAIL

The Washington Redskins spend A LOT of time and money trying to play down the controversy that's inherent in their name ... or not.


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Conan the Techie

After getting the proverbial shaft by "The Chin," it looks like Conan O'Brien will still be getting the shaft for the foreseeable future.


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Epic Twitter fails

Twitter, and all of its management thingamajigs, make it far too easy for corporate tweeters, if they're not careful, to let their employer's Twitter followers know just how horribly hungover they are, or other proclamations best kept to themselves, on any given day. READ ON →

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The Stones & social media

It's amazing to think that back in the mid-70's despite being hopped up on any number of illegal substances and booze, my sweet lord, the booze, Mick and Keef could put together such visionary lyrics as: READ ON →

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Scavenger hunt

The Beatles' online profile, certainly, doesn't need any more help, but the good folks at iTunes have devised a masterful plan to promote their release of The Beatles' Let It Be ... Naked. They're sending folks on an Interwebs scavenger hunt, of sorts, to find video clips of unreleased footage of the band recording the album. READ ON →

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Call 911? Nah – just text us.

Can they tell us when we're gonna die? Do we want to know? Hmmmmm. "The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care." READ ON →

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