Omar Comin’ …

In its first brand campaign in a decade, The Atlantic decided to make an impact through an ad, featuring an excellent actor, Michael K. Williams, who played The Wire's Omar Little, one of the most complex, badass characters ever. And, you best believe Omar makes an appearance. "Spread the word, darlin'. Omar back."


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Iggy Pop, Creative Director

Iggy Pop has several titles: singer, musician, actor, poet, author, and most punk rock badass on the planet, but, given his appearance at the Cannes Lions festival, he could very well add "creative director" to that list.


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Too Much of a Good Thing

I like ice cream. I like chocolate chip cookie dough. I REALLY like beer, and I like New Belgium beer (most of it), but Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough beer makes me ask, "What the deuce?".


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No Master of its Domain

So, last year Heinz ran a promotion that involved a QR code on its ketchup bottles that brought folks to a promotional website. The promotion ended and Heinz let the domain expire. No harm, no foul, eh?


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Polar Bare

Sometimes it's truly difficult to pinpoint what will make a brand take off. For instance, folks all over tarnation, well, maybe not in warmer climes, are suddenly sporting expensive Canada Goose coats, which, until now, were a blip in the overall outerwear market. So, what gives?


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KISS the cash cow

Some have questioned the recent inclusion of KISS in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The question that, inevitably, gets asked is, "is KISS more about the music or the image?


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Advertising Freshness

I definitely can't count myself among the most devoted of the Arby's clientele. In fact, my last encounter with the chain was as a young, broke college lad who was lured to the glowing Big Hat by its offer of 2 succulent Beef n' Cheddars for just $2. Let's just say that meal ended poorly.


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Beards can be mighty useful. They can catch crumbs, theoretically be used for storage, such as your keys or nachos, and they save a gent a ton on shaving supplies. That stuff ain't cheap! But, the hirsute among us have another reason to celebrate their beards ... beardvertising! READ ON →

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All hail, the return of the Twinkie!

So, you've terribly missed that oblong, sticky, yellow sponge "cake" with the "cream" filling, eh? Well, the wait is FINALLY over for the triumphant return of the Twinkie!


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