Served by Prince

Prince is killin' it! In fact, the man's been on a three year roll ever since he told Kim Kardashian to get her no dancin' ASS off the stage.

The man has conquered many things ... symbols, a sweet fro, and assless chaps to name a few, but he's now, apparently, set his sights on conquering social media and dammit, if he isn't doing a fine job of it.

Case in point. Lil Mo (a cookie for you, if you know who she is) recently called out the Purple One on Instagram, with picture perfect grammar, by the way, for messing up her schedule. Prince responded in a Prince-ly manner with a post akin to Sam Jackson's "Bitch be cool!" line in Pulp Fiction.

I mean, can anyone call out someone who shreds like this? The correct answer is "no".

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