Scavenger hunt

The Beatles' online profile, certainly, doesn't need any more help, but the good folks at iTunes have devised a masterful plan to promote their release of The Beatles' Let It Be ... Naked. They're sending folks on an Interwebs scavenger hunt, of sorts, to find video clips of unreleased footage of the band recording the album.

It's a smashing marketing idea that's likely to increase traffic to the websites and social channels involved, as well as boost iTunes' sales of the album.

Clues are being released this week on The Beatles' Facebook and Twitter accounts that will send Beatlemanics scampering hither and yon to various websites in search of the video clips. Three clips need to be viewed before one is able to unlock the full video, which includes a fourth, yet to be seen, clip on a site dedicated to the cause.

Got it? Good. Now, get goin'!

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