Revelry Music & Arts Festival

The Wisconsin Union Directorate just announced the line-up for the inaugural Revelry Music and Arts Festival to be held at Union South's cool new music venue, The Sett on May 4.

Now, UW students and Madison citizens have a decision to make. It just so happens that the music festival falls on the same date as the Mifflin Street Block Party. So, will people choose the bad beer, copious vomit, stabbings, and sexual assaults that the block party offers, or will they head straight to a great music venue for good beer and music?

I'm torn, personally.

But, I will say that the addition of Delta Spirit to the festival's lineup sweetens the deal. These dudes put on a killer live show.

So, if you can possibly resist the allure of a lukewarm Milwaukee's Best and/or the better than average chance of being vomited on, skip the block party and head to the Revelry Festival. Madison is in dire need of more music events like this one. Plus, the beer will be MUCH better.

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