Record Store Guy

You might be a tad bit skittish to return to your local record store, because that "asshole" behind the counter was a skosh dismissive about your opinions regarding the latest Robin Thicke album, but don't let that get you down.

First of all, if you have access to a local record store, good on ya', cause they're a dying breed, unfortunately. Second, did you ever take a moment to consider that that pretentious 'bag just might have feelings, too?

For example, this former record store employee logged many instances of "dopey" phone calls, "boneheaded" comments, and "generally batshit" customer experiences in a notebook all in the name of hilarity.

It's difficult to argue that these experiences are much different from the whack encounters one deals with in any other retail Joe Job, so, sometimes, an asshole is just an asshole, but, having, myself, survived the world of retail liquor, some customer interactions can and do sour one's rosy attitude.

So, give that record store dude another chance, just put that Robin Thicke album back for the good of yourself and the rest of humanity.

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