Publicity Stunts

How would you sell a taco that wasn't actually a taco? 

Hmm, that's a tough one. Did you answer "Send out burner phones to 1,000 people and have them complete 'secret missions' that mostly revolve around social media plugs using said phones?" Well Taco Bell already beat you to the punch in order to promote their new breakfast menu. The headliner is the Waffle Taco, which is not a taco, but an Egg & Sausage McMuffin that shed it's muffin for a waffle wrap and a syrup drizzle. If they are selling these at bar time they might have a winner. Otherwise they have to hope that this publicity stunt pays off in big way.

Am I furthering their weird-as-hell agenda by reposting the content? Yes. Is it the most absurd marketing ploy created by Taco Bell? No, that would be the jewelry heist.

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