Product misplacement

Advertising execs are in a tough spot. The television viewing public is becoming so frustrated with advertising that they're turning to their trusty DVRs to breeze past ads, or they're dumping traditional TV altogether in favor of somewhat newfangled devices, such as Apple TV, which give folks access to a myriad of entertainment choices that don't include broadcast or cable television ... cue ad exec groan.

So, given this change of direction in boob tube viewing, what's a product to do? Turn more and more to approaches like product placement that's what! Come hell or high water, they're going to get their product in front of you, Joe Consumer, so you'll race out of your house or a theater just jonesing to purchase the product.

Now, it's not like product placement is a new thing. It's been around for quite some time, but it's being increasingly relied upon, due to America's general surliness toward advertising, so advertisers must be extra careful about when and where they place their product. The wrong type of placement might lead to unsavory results.

To help prevent mishaps of this sort, the A.V. Club has compiled a list of 20-ish movie product placements that went awry for advertisers. Although the list is mostly a good one, I would quibble with their argument that the placement of Pabst in the classic underground flick, Blue Velvetwas a mistake. Dennis Hopper's endorsement of Pabst over Heineken is not only one of the greatest lines in cinematic history (in my humble opinion), it also laid the groundwork for the cool, hipster mantle that Pabst is trying to hold on to today.

Judge for yourself, but a word of warning, Mr. Hopper liked to work a little blue:

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