Polar Bare

Sometimes it's truly difficult to pinpoint what will make a brand take off. For instance, folks all over tarnation, well, maybe not in warmer climes, are suddenly sporting expensive Canada Goose coats, which, until now, were a blip in the overall outerwear market. So, what gives?

Let's take a look here. There's no questioning the quality of the product. They've been around since 1957 and have a great reputation as a highly functional brand in extremely cold weather (i.e. they really keep your ass WARM when it's freezing out there). But, in a flooded outerwear market, this doesn't explain why folks are shelling out 600 bones and up to sport these things. Columbia and The North Face do an adequate job of keeping your cold ass warm at a lower price point.

So, what is it? Well, the answer may lie in that one phrase that few other elements can top in the advertising world: celebrity endorsement. In 2012, Canada Goose wisely sponsored the Sundance Film Festival and put their coats on the backs of celeb attendees, leading to Hollywood types like Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper becoming fans.

Then, came the piéce de résistance, if you will. Kate Upton slipped her barely clothed self into a Canada Goose coat for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot, and one of the shots made the cover. So, Miss Upton's ... um ... endorsements have likely played a big role in making Canada Goose the hottest coat brand on the market.

So, oftentimes it takes great strategy AND a big break to get a brand over the humps ... ahem ... hump. Couldn't resist.

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