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Aloe Blacc is fighting the good fight. He is tired of getting paid peanuts for hit songs on streaming services and he is taking his message to the media. I think everyone is in agreement with him that the rate of pay for songwriters is terribly low but he is going to need a hell of a lot manpower and lawyers to do anything about it.

Streaming services, like Spotify or Pandora, are very successful because they are free to users who tolerate advertising and they give new artists exposure to the masses. While Aloe wants to get paid more for his music, and he has a valid argument, the money has to come from somewhere. I don't think the streaming companies are going to hand out more from the reserves without some additional cash flow.

So where does that leave the artists? Going the route of Taylor Swift who has removed her music from Spotify. If the songwriters want more payment, they should collectively follow suit because as of right now they don't have much leverage for a pay raise.

While the streaming services aren't paying out the big bucks, it certainly beats what is being paid out by the Pirate Bay. Now that Google is relaxing its takedown requests from the MPAA you can expect to see more pirated content creeping onto the music scene. No matter how much money you throw at fighting piracy, where there's a tech savvy millennial will - there is a way.

I would expect that within the next few years there will be more big names dropping out of the streaming services and popping up more frequently on the blacklisted websites. The small fish will continue working their way up on the farm team of streaming sites.

What's an audiophile to do?

Pony up and buy some music - your money is your vote. Need some new tunes? Well, there's an app for that:

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