Farewell, Hag

It seems like we're losing too many music legends too fast these days. Two of my heroes, B.B. King and David Bowie, died within the past year, and we, unfortunately, added another name to that list with the passing of the mighty Merle Haggard.


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Sometimes news headlines are simply perfect, such as  - CNBC Tried, and Massively Failed, to Teach People About Password Security. In an effort to teach others about secure passwords, CNBC inadvertently created an unsecured database of passwords for any competent hacker to borrow. I hope the irony isn't lost on the people who were genuinely concerned about their password security and used the form. It's a sad sort of funny, reminiscent of a certain Today Show video...


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Works Every Time

Water shortage? That's old news. Pabst is doing its level best to correct another national issue ... the dreaded Billy Dee shortage. That's right, PBR has launched a new Billy Dee Williams ad for Colt 45 malt liquor.


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New News

Your news is changing. Not the real news - television and newspapers are still mired in the ways of the old guard - your Facebook news is going through an overhaul. In a nutshell, your feed is not going to be filtered by 'most popular' instead of by the most recent posts. The best feature is that Facebook is adding tools for you to sculpt your feed to your liking. Do you need the deets? I thought you would never ask.

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Must resist

It's so hard not to jump onto the Apple bandwagon as soon as their shiny new products roll of the line. Apple Music has been dangling that 30 day free trial in front of me whenever I hit the gym or want to set the mood around the house. I want to jump on board, but why should anyone take the plunge when you're already using Spotify? READ ON →

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Heading South

Do Kanye and Kim realize that children are not accessories? As if naming your child North West isn't bad enough, the hits just keep coming from Kanye West. Hits, as in reasons to despise him on every possible level. The latest on the TMZ feed of celebrity vile has Mr. West primed for a battle with The Pirate Bay over the illegal downloads of his latest album. It probably has nothing to do with his $53 million in debt. READ ON →

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On the Surface

In 2013, Microsoft made, what appeared to be, a solid $400 million marketing deal with the NFL to make Microsoft "The Official Sideline Technology Sponsor of the NFL". Well, like that whole RGIII sitch, things haven't exactly gone as planned.


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