Beastie Boys on being stupid

In this lost 1985 interview, the "three bad brothers," Ad-Rock, MCA (RIP), and Mike D discuss opening for Madonna, how they once got arrested for dropping a "motherf%$ker" on stage, why they were the only white rappers on vinyl, and deciding to name themselves Beastie Boys, because it was the "stupidest" name MCA could think of. READ ON →

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Late Night with Cap’n Crunch

When "The Chin" finally exits stage right and Jimmy Fallon takes over the reins of The Tonight Show, he'll be facing tough competition from the likes of David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and ... Cap'n Crunch??!! READ ON →

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RIP, Possum

Today, we lost a music legend. George Jones was not just a legend of country music, his influence crossed a wide range of genres.


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He’s back!

Our favorite politician, Jimmy MacMillan, also known as "The Rent is Too Damn High Guy" is back, BABY, and that rent is still too damn high, but his "moustache and haircut is too damn fly"! READ ON →

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Little Wisco

Wisconsin has earned a reputation for its insatiable appetite for beer, cheese, sausage, fried goods, heavy gravy, and blaze orange apparel. But, regardless of your opinion on the "coolness" level of these items, there's another type of Wisconsin cool that's been exported to New York's West Village, and it's created quite a stir among NYC-folk. READ ON →

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Product misplacement

Advertising execs are in a tough spot. The television viewing public is becoming so frustrated with advertising that they're turning to their trusty DVRs to breeze past ads, or they're dumping traditional TV altogether in favor of somewhat newfangled devices, such as Apple TV, which give folks access to a myriad of entertainment choices that don't include broadcast or cable television ... cue ad exec groan. READ ON →

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The Stones & social media

It's amazing to think that back in the mid-70's despite being hopped up on any number of illegal substances and booze, my sweet lord, the booze, Mick and Keef could put together such visionary lyrics as: READ ON →

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Listen to this … not that!

So, this Accidental Racist song by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J is burning up the country airwaves. Despite all of the attention it's getting about the "controversial" subject matter, let's not forget, kids, that this is a horrible, horrible song, musically and lyrically, which, come to think of it, makes it fit right in on current country radio! READ ON →

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Scavenger hunt

The Beatles' online profile, certainly, doesn't need any more help, but the good folks at iTunes have devised a masterful plan to promote their release of The Beatles' Let It Be ... Naked. They're sending folks on an Interwebs scavenger hunt, of sorts, to find video clips of unreleased footage of the band recording the album. READ ON →

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We’re not buying it

For many years, craft beer producers have been trying to get a piece of what I like to refer to as the "Yellow Beer" (i.e. Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, etc.) market  and rightfully so. For far too long, Americans were forced to get their veritable buzz on via watered-down, tasteless, "beer". My grandfather referred to it as "canoe beer" ... pretty close to water. READ ON →

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