On the Surface

In 2013, Microsoft made, what appeared to be, a solid $400 million marketing deal with the NFL to make Microsoft "The Official Sideline Technology Sponsor of the NFL". Well, like that whole RGIII sitch, things haven't exactly gone as planned.

The most visible part of the Microsoft deal is the inclusion of Surface tablets, which are used to instantly analyze game film. The problem here is the iPad brand is so entrenched with tablets that everyone, announcers, reporters, players, and coaches, refer to the Surfaces as "iPads". GREAT for Apple, BAD for Microsoft and its $400 schlamolian investment.

For example:

  • Jay Cutler referred to to the Surfaces as "knock off iPads". Microsoft should have responded with a "knock off QB" blast. ZING!
  • During the first game of the season, Al Michaels said Bill Belichick was "working on his iPad". Wait a minute, does crotchety Belichick even know how to work such gadgetry?
  • Aaand ... let's not leave out the technology itself. Belichick pinned part of the Patriots' recent loss in the AFC Championship on their malfunctioning sideline tablets

As if the verbal assaults weren't bad enough for Microsoft, a couple of players have been caught on camera physically taking their frustrations out on the Surface.

Aaron Rodgers tossed the Surface like a loaf of bread after realizing he missed a game tying throw, and Johnny Manziel bashed his melon against a Surface after realizing he missed several nowhere near game tying throws. He may or may not have entered the concussion protocol afterward, but does it really matter?

Anyway, Microsoft is clearly in Kleenex and Xerox territory where a brand name becomes so entrenched with a product that most folks call the product by the brand name. Not an easy thing to overcome against the mighty Apple, even after dropping 400 million buckaroos on the cause!

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