Newt’s puzzled

In what's surely been an uber-busy time of researching things like the origins of liquid soap and the extremely challenging development of the solar powered flashlight, the good folks at Gingrich Productions are puzzled, having spent "weeks trying to figure out" what a smartphone should be called.

Although the smartphone has been around since 1997, Newt and his crack staff are dedicated to getting to the bottom of what to call these newfangled devices that, according to Newt, allow us to take pictures, find the nearest McDonald's, or access "Wee-kee-pedia".

Good luck to you in your quest, Newt! There are certainly no more important global issues than this one!

In the following video, Newt asks you to help a Newt out by proposing what you think this gadget should be called.

I'm proposing that Newt get himself a jitterbug.

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