Must resist

It's so hard not to jump onto the Apple bandwagon as soon as their shiny new products roll of the line. Apple Music has been dangling that 30 day free trial in front of me whenever I hit the gym or want to set the mood around the house. I want to jump on board, but why should anyone take the plunge when you're already using Spotify?

The biggest reason I'm still a holdout is not the price of the service, but the fact that I'm getting more and more frustrated with the other iTunes services. iTunes Match is wigging out on me all of the time and iTunes itself is a pig when it comes to memory on my devices. In lieu of those gripes, I want to give the new music service a spin but I am not convinced it is even worth my time as a freebie for 30 days.

  1. I've yet to read a review that praises the service and it's functionality.
  2. I don't have wifi at the gym, the one place that I would want the service the most.
  3. My family used the radio features up until the paid service and it's ok, not great.
  4. It is possible that my expectations for Apple products are unreasonably high.

In short, I'm really just asking for Apple to impress me. Give me a really good reason to switch from Spotify and I'll do it. Until then...

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