Most of us office workers don't take the time to infuse healthy habits into our daily sitting routine. As you probably guessed, there are apps for that.

A good place to start is giving your peepers a break from hours of screen time. There are a few options to start relieving the strain on your eyes and avoid looking like you have pink eye. It is probably best to choose one that you're most likely to actually use if you're interested in the benefits.


f.lux fixes this: it makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.


Protect Your Vision

Your personal eyes assistant (EVO) takes care of your vision every time when you use computer. Just switch it on at



Awareness helps you become more aware of time spent on the computer by playing the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl to mark every hour of continuous computer use. It also displays how long you’ve been using your computer without a break in the menu bar.



EyeLeo is a handy PC application that regularly reminds you to take short breaks for your eyes. Everyone who spends more than a hour per day looking at a display. Office workers will find the program particularly helpful.



Shades is a FREE utility for controlling the brightness of your screen. It runs in the background providing always-available fine-grained control over the brightness of your display via a slick Mac-like interface

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