More to Mash

If you thought that the world had run out of things to mash up with Game of Thrones you are wrong. There are so many characters to to pull from int the GoT catalogue that they can apply to just about any situation. So why don't we journey down the rabbit hole of the NFL with our cast of the Thrones in tow.

Uproxx has taken the liberty of creating Protect The Realm: Reimagining Every NFL Logo As A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character and there are some golden nuggets of truth in the redesign. We'll spare you the unwanted video advertisements and poach a few of the best below.


Arizona Cardinals – Melisandre The Cardinals are a team named after a bird, which is named after the color that bird is, which is red. Melisandre is the red woman. Also, she’s capable of raising the dead, and so can the Arizona Cardinals (see: Carson Palmer and Kurt Warner’s careers).



Los Angeles Rams – Littlefinger The Rams are loyal to no one. They do their own thing and have their own secret agenda. Like moving from St. Louis to L.A.


Minnesota Vikings – Theon Greyjoy The Iron Born in the series are basically Westeros’ version of Vikings. Plus, Theon got castrated much the same way Vikings fans get castrated every time they have hope in the playoffs.

See the full logo onslaught at Protect The Realm: Reimagining Every NFL Logo As A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character.

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