Maybe for $5

I liked Bawitdaba and the Lynard Skynard knock-off song just like everybody else, but who in their right mind is willing to pay $78.95 to see a Kid Rock show? Are there really enough people willing to shell out that kind of cash in any given Midwestern city to sell out a show? To no surprise, the Kid Rock show in Madison, WI was cancelled due to lack of ticket sales.

This prompted the Cap Times to ask "Can the local music scene support some of these larger acts?" Well, I for one vote that the ability to sell out shows depends on the quality of the band vs. the ticket price. Hipsters will line up around the block to see the Avett Bros for $30 but asking $80 to see Green Day is no pathway to a sold out show.

I would have to assume that the event organizers for these 'large' albeit dated bands coming to town have to consider price as a benchmark of popularity. Green Day or Kid Rock would have had a chance to sell out the Alliant Energy Center ten years ago, but we're coming out of a recession and it's harder to drop a benjamin or two on a show based out of nostalgia.

Perhaps the better question is "Who is willing to buy one Kid Rock ticket over 3 tickets to the Avett Brothers?"

Madison has spoken.

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