Martin Luther Wilson

As a Packer fan, I've had a couple of days to deal with the horrendous debacle that was the NFC Championship. Now, I need to deal with a Super Bowl that includes two teams I just LOVE to hate.

So, which team is the lesser of two evils in this matchup? Well, it was a tossup until a few things put my lackluster enthusiasm in the Patriots' corner. First was the fact that many Seahawks fans left the stadium BEFORE the game was over and begged to get back in once they heard the tide had turned. Classless. Next was WR Doug Baldwin spewing to anyone in earshot about how the Seahawks have been disrespected. Huh? Know of ANYONE who picked the Packers to win this game? I don't. Also, was Baldwin aware that his own fans left the game early? Need more reasons to dislike the Seahawks? Well, there's THIS and THIS. But, the pièce de résistance, if you will, was the Seahawks organization comparing the team's "struggle" to the Civil Rights movement.

Yep, that's right! The Seahawks took an image of the blubbering Russell Wilson (anyone else overly tired of his lame "underdog" schtick?) and placed it next to a Martin Luther King, Jr. quote on Twitter on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! They've since pulled the tweet and apologized, but it's, still, unforgivable.

Never thought I'd root for "The Hoodie" and the Patriots to win another title, but the actions of the Seahawks' players, fans, and organization just tipped me in that direction.

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