Let there be Mediocrity

One of the best design rules to understand is when to scrap a design and start over. The Lakers management need to learn that lesson.

Perhaps the best part of hating the Lakers, and specifically Kobe Bryant, is that in a league where "tanking" is thrown around quite often, the Lakers will never clean house and start fresh. They always believe that they are one piece away from a championship. That hubris is exactly why Lakers fans should be prepared for heaping scoops of mediocrity until Kobe retires.

Granted, the Lakers don't need to tank in order to rebuild with great players. Their biggest bargaining chip is that they are a desirable destination so they have a much easier time landing free agents (see D. Howard) and consistently get the better half of trades. But that can only get you so far unless you are willing to pay a huge luxury tax ( see Brooklyn Nets) or your star players are willing to take pay cuts to assemble the rest of the necessary pieces ( see Tim Duncan).

As long as Kobe is scaring away marquee players because they don't want to play the Kobe System, and he doesn't take a pay cut, try to enjoy the mediocrity.


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