Late Night with Cap’n Crunch

When "The Chin" finally exits stage right and Jimmy Fallon takes over the reins of The Tonight Show, he'll be facing tough competition from the likes of David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and ... Cap'n Crunch??!!

Yes, that's right, the good Cap'n is getting his own animated late night talk show to be aired online at 11:35 ET every other Tuesday on Quaker Oats' YouTube channel. Reportedly aimed at adult viewers, Cap'n Crunch will be interviewing "celebrities" in cartoonish form, which wouldn't be much of a stretch for the likes of, say, the Kardashian sisters, Charlie Sheen, Dennis Rodman, Gary Busey, or any other cast member of Celebrity Apprentice.

The interesting part in all of this is it represents another move by brands to appeal to audiences outside of broadcast and cable TV advertising. Other brands have taken a similar approach in terms of personifying their mascots, such as Mr. Clean, the Kool-Aid Man, and the Energizer Bunny, by giving them their own social media channels. Cap'n Crunch is rocking his own social media, as well, but Quaker has gone the extra step to put him on late night "TV," where he will, no doubt, engage in the sort of ribald humor full of risque banter and double entendres that a late night audience allows ... no ... demands!

Now, I've gobbled down more than my fair share of Cap'n Crunch (hold the Crunch Berries, they're for the weak) through the years, so, although I can't be certain that this tactic will be a winner for Quaker Oats, they're likely to pull a goodly amount of the stoner contingent away from Letterman, Kimmel, Colbert, and Fallon on Tuesday nights.

Does Nielsen measure for that sort of thing?

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