KISS the cash cow

Some have questioned the recent inclusion of KISS in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The question that, inevitably, gets asked is, "is KISS more about the music or the image?

But, no matter what you think of their music, Gene Simmons and crew know plenty about brand, placing the KISS name on over 3,000 products to date. They've stamped their name on more merch than Martha Stewart and Donald Trump combined, from KISS Kondoms (i.e. Rock n' Rubbers) to the KISS Kasket. In fact, they've done what Stewart and Trump, and other bands, for that matter, haven't dared to do. They've slapped their name on products that have nothing to do with music. For example, how, exactly, does KISS relate to Hello Kitty?

Nonetheless, they appear to be doing something right. The KISS Army marches along, railing against convention, and raking in the dough. Need evidence? Gene Simmons' estimated worth is $300 million.

And ... that there is a whole lot of Kondoms!

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