Internet Killed the Cable Star

Ever since reality TV took over cable television it's been increasingly difficult to filter through all of the noise of the simplest cable package. It seems that all of the quality TV series migrated to HBO and if that network ever offers an HBO Go subscription package without a cable subscription you can kiss the cable world goodbye.

Enter Chromecast, one of the many nails in the coffin of cable services. For $35 you can stream content from your computer onto your television, including services like HBO Go. With major networks offering most of their series and sports events online it is becoming harder and harder to rationalize a $100+ cable bill every month.

Why else should you drop your cable bill like a bad habit?

Even if you purchased each of the streaming services above you would be saving money over 95% of cable plans. It will be a welcomed change when cable companies have to offer a la carte services to match the alternative options. Watching TV is as American as apple pie, but we deserve some better options than the Real Housewives Marathons, Home Shopping Networks and The Knife Show filling the channel guide.

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