Since the advent of the iPhone there have been an abundance of cracked screens. It's a law of physics that the more you prize your tech gadgets the more likely that they will immediately break. If you say no to insurance on your phone it is a guarantee that your iPhone will take a swim in the coming month. At least Apple is working on a fix for all of you uninsured iPhoners that are waiting for your free upgrade to fix your cracked screen.

Apple just filed a patent for technology that will determine when an iPhone is in free fall and will redistribute it's weight to land without breaking the screen. That's right, the next iPhone is going to land like a cat. Once they perfect some waterproof seams the iPhone will finally be safe to go to the bar with you. Wait for the spike in Instagram selfies with the wet lens filter.

On the other end of the technology spectrum, Windows 8 has finally overtaken Windows XP, having almost doubled its market share from 6.7% in September to 12.1% in November. It's amazing how fears about security can motivate.

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