Iggy Sounds Off

Iggy Pop, or is it Dr. Pop, delivered a John Peel lecture on music and capitalism a couple of weeks ago, and it was as boss as the man himself.

Despite his "pages and pages" of text that, he admitted, looked like it had been written "by someone from a mental hospital", the barely shirted Iggy railed against U2 gifting their "Songs of Innocence" album to the iTunes-verse, praised Thom Yorke for distributing his new solo album via BitTorrent, and spoke about the importance of independent record labels.

Pop said that U2 foisting its album on everyone took away the choice a music buyer makes to support a particular artist. U2 and Apple didn't seem to entertain the concept that some people may not like or may not have even heard of U2 [cue U2 fan gasps].

I'm a U2 fan, but I agree with Iggy. I would've been hella pissed had Apple decided to jam a One Direction album in my library without my say so.

He was also quick to praise independent labels, acknowledging them for housing "almost all of the best music" and declaring that the survival of independent labels is critical to the introduction of good new music. [Personally, I could also rage about how essential independent record stores are, but I'll save that for another time].

Anyway, lecture on, Professor Pop! I'm pickin' up what you're puttin' down!


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