Iggy Pop, Creative Director

Iggy Pop has several titles: singer, musician, actor, poet, author, and most punk rock badass on the planet, but, given his appearance at the Cannes Lions festival, he could very well add "creative director" to that list.

Iggy's never been one to hold back his opinions, so he had some thoughts on the marketing approaches of some well-known brands, including:

Volkswagen: He recommended countering their emissions scandal by employing a "naughty" theme that utilizes women in bondage. That would certainly cause some folks to forget about the scandal.

BMW: Suggested that their tagline be: "Fucking buy a fucking BMW". Straight and to the point.

AB-InBev: Called for their ads to get out of "sleaze bars" and back to Americana and iconic imagery. Iggy's played more than his fair share of sleazy clubs in his day, so he speaks from experience.

So, who's doing it right? According to Iggy, that Carl's Jr. ad with Paris Hilton in a bikini works. He didn't elaborate, but I suspect it's something akin to what Bob Dylan once said about Alicia Keys: "There's nothing about her I don't like."

Before wrapping up, Iggy referred to agency execs as "voodoo priests" and said record company people have "three faces, two mouths, and ten sets of ethics". His advice to turn it all around? "Make better ads".

I'd hire you, Iggy.

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