Howdy ho!

I've never been a fan of emojis. I tend to disregard them as an annoyance much akin to the waving kitten emails I used to get from my mom back in the day. But, Hershey's should have paid attention to them before they launched their new logo that bears a striking resemblance to the steaming pile o' poo emoji.

Of course, the Interwebs is doing its diligent duty of reminding Hershey's, as well as everyone and their brother, of this fact. Will Hershey's put up with this shit, so to speak? That remains to be seen. But, at least the Internets is way too occupied with the recent nudie celeb phone hacks, so Hershey's has some time to flush out the situation.

Oh, Mr. Hankey would be so proud.

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