Happy Accident

We're all familiar with the phrase, "Accidents will happen," and, in the case of the design of NIrvana's "Bleach" album, the "accident" that led to the final design was a good thing.

Designer and musician Lisa Orth was charged with putting together the "Bleach" cover, which consisted, simply, of the band's name, album title, and a reversed out live shot of the band. When it was time to go to press, Orth asked the printer to use whatever font was already in their typesetting machine. That font, called Onyx, has served as Nirvana's official logo ever since, adorning multitudes of merch from the early days of the band to the Nirvana gear modern day millennials purchased at Urban Outfitters.

Anyway, regardless of the amount of planning that went into it, the "Bleach cover was serendipitous in a number of respects. First, it fit the vibe of Sub Pop and helped set the tone for the, now famous, label going forward. Second, the low budget nature of the cover, which was part of an album project that only cost $606.17, matched the raw, gritty sound of the record.

So, all in all, I'd call it a "happy" accident, but, given the music on the album, we can't go THAT far, can we?

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