Getting Inspired

If we've learned anything from the latest Leonardo DiCaprio movies it's that wealthy, successful, leading men party down. Could it be that the inebriated version of yourself has more passion and dreams? Apparently that is the case.

Perhaps the most common of drunken conversations revolves around aspirations and dreams. Most sentences began with “I wish,” “I want” or “Let’s do this.” With the fuel of alcohol and the joyousness of being surrounded by friends, our passions tend to come wildly stampeding to the surface. Because why shouldn’t we talk about the things we want most in life when we’re feeling good?

If you want to dig deeper into all of the revelations and self-discoveries you find while hitting the sauce you can read the full article on How Your Drunk Self Could Be Your Greatest Inspiration.

If you were wondering whether or not to watch Wolf of Wall Street, this gif should sway you one way or the other. Dude on the left with the orange pants steals the show.


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