Get it in Gear

Everyone wants to work less, play more and get rich along the way. In which case, everyone should take lessons on getting the most from their work life from the best in their field. The other details of life are more likely to fall in place. So what advice do the best designers in the world to offer to keep the gears grinding at full speed? Glad you asked.

Fast Company collected 32 of the greatest in the field and asked them how to stay productive. There are some true gems throughout the article but here are a few of our favorites for a quick read:

Whenever I need an extra hit of inspiration, I browse books from James Turrell, Tadao Ando, or Santiago Calatrava while enjoying a glass of scotch. I also go to museums and parks on a regular basis with my family. —Hector Ouilhet Olmos, product designer, Google

I found breaking down big goals into smaller tasks to be the best way for me to get things done. I can make small progress and knock off these bite-size tasks whenever I have a moment. —Jannie Lai, head of UX, Light

The beat of my day is set by the music I listen to. Music is also how I can slip away into my own world and get into a focused state. I listen to different music for different tasks, and even different music for different moods. Regardless, music helps me move through my thoughts more smoothly and efficiently, often shielding me from the city around me. As long as I have my headphones, I'm able to work in any environment. —Leah Shea, Product Designer at ustwo

I listen to heavy metal. —Ian MacDowell, Argo Design

 Check out full list at Fast Company and start producing.

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