FCC follies

The moral fiber of America has, evidently, been shaken due largely to the highly offensive content of 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men, and The Simpsons.

Apparently, the FCC has received a great deal of complaints due to these shows' brazen use of "sexual innuendo and coarse language."

Let's examine these shows in turn:

Two and a Half Men: Hard to believe that this show was ever popular, but now that Charlie Sheen has bolted for the greener pastures of tiger blood and was replaced by hack Ashton Kutcher, why are people STILL watching it? I'm against censorship, but if some FCC complaints about stupid poop jokes is enough to get this travesty off the air, I'm all for it.

2 Broke Girls: Apparently, 2 Broke Girls likes to dabble a bit too much in the double entendre sector for some Americans. Now, this show isn't funny either, but one could make the case that Kat Dennings' cleavage is the best thing on network television these days, so let's go easy on this one, eh?

The Simpsons: It's awful that this show is even mentioned in the same article with these others, but someone has actually taken offense at the baring of Homer Simpson's yellow, cartoon buttocks. The Simpsons is WELL past its prime, but the writing is still better than most other network shows out there. And, besides, a little cartoon nudity never hurt anyone. Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck, for instance, never wore pants, so let Homer fly some ham from time to time!

In fact, feel free to enjoy even more gratuitous Simpsons nudity:

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