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Tis the season for political logo dissection, and it wouldn't be fair of us to post the logo of one American royalty and not the other. The Hillary logo (notice Clinton and Bush don't use their last names, we want to appear as if we aren't running a monarchy) has been fraught with criticism for it's simplicity and color choices. Haters gonna hate, but when the logo designer works at Pentagram there is sure to be some solid reasoning behind the mark.

Let's start with our current president's logo - it's fantastic for many reasons and was a game-changer as far as personal branding for politicians. That makes it pretty easy to call every presidential candidate's logo trash by comparison. I personally like it that Jeb Bush has kept 'Jeb!' through all of his campaigns, it's a quirky nod to everything 80's when he was getting his political machine fired up. Hillary took a chance with a new logo that is modern and riskier than the 2008 logo that could have been created from a template called "Political Poster (Insert Name Here)."

Now we find ourselves bombarding the web with knee-jerk criticism. Let the first amendment ring true! What does the designer have to say about it? From Politico:

Michael Bierut, a New York-based designer at Pentagram who created the new Clinton logo as a volunteer contribution to the campaign, declined a request for an interview. But on social media, he responded to the controversy by noting the new-found interest in a 2013 article he wrote about graphic design in which he described the knee-jerk public criticism over new logos and branding as a “spectator sport, and anyone can play.”

Ah, passing judgement, a wonderful American tradition. It's time for you to choose your own adventure:

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Hate it: Where's the Hospital?

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