Extending Sound

Whitestone is an interactive music experience platform proclaiming 'This is what music will look like in the future.' They are working to bring back the magic of album artwork in a digital age which is no small feat. There is definitely a value in bringing visual art to modern music, evidenced by the return to vinyl.

The overarching reason vinyl addicts claim that they collect records is that the music 'sounds warmer' but the value associated with holding the album in your hands can not be overstated. From the Whitestone website:

In 1939 Alex steinweiss invented the album artwork. Before he came up with the idea, records didn't have any artwork, just a brown dust cover. The first album he illustrated made an 800% profit, it added value to the record and soon enough became an integral part of the culture of music.

That profit margin speaks to why there should be a financial incentive to do better than an iTunes album cover and matching background color in your musical carousel. We naturally prefer music with a message and the artwork a musician adds to their music lets the listener dive deeper into the messaging and themes of their favorite albums.

We can certainly do better than what iTunes is willing to offer. I'm glad that someone is taking on the challenge.

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