Dirt Don’t Hurt

I'm pretty sure Julian Casablancas and his latest video director just finished watching Grindhouse when they started video concepts for Human Sadness. If trends are cyclical then I guess it's time for a 70's horror revival in the rock industry.

Hell, why not? If your image is a little soft around the edges, you can add instant grit with dripping a bit of fake blood, static and noise. When you're going out on your own and your label says "What will make this album different than a Strokes album?" and your response is "This is going to rock so much harder!" Well, you've got a lot of dirt to smear all over your image.

That pessimism aside, I completely dig the look and sound. A complete 180, right? Part of being a hipster is being cynical and sarcastic about anything new so it's a part of my due diligence. Hipsterism isn't as easy as it looks, sometimes you simply want to listen, like, and repeat.

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