Design Envy

Wearable tech is upon us. It's trending across all of the interwebs and yet there are so many products that appear clunky, obtrusive and downright stupid to wear. In the race to be first, the consumers are the last ones being considered. (See's Puls) And then there's Jawbone.

In a similar vein to the Apple family of products, the Up fitness trackers by Jawbone are evolving very quickly and have the end user in mind at each phase. They are spending time and resources improving the design, user interface and functionality. The Up3 is a great example of how the wristband is improving by leaps and bounds for the sake of the user and will have a full range of fashionable variations.

As someone who is skeptical of having yet another piece of technology attached to my person at all times I must say that a little bit of design savvy goes a long way - and just in time for Christmas. Amazon wishlist, here we come!



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