Conan the Techie

After getting the proverbial shaft by "The Chin," it looks like Conan O'Brien will still be getting the shaft for the foreseeable future.

The "Tonight Show" has been taken over by Jimmy Fallon, who is killing it in the ratings, Jimmy Kimmel's not doing too shabby for himself either on ABC, and the wildly popular Stephen Colbert is taking over the "Late Show" next year. Where does that leave Conan? Still on TBS.

Oh well, Conan's still hilarious, and he did pave the way for social media integration into late night that the other hosts are running away with, especially Fallon.

Anyway, given his attention to technology, here's why Conan just might be the "technologist we deserve and need."

Although I'm still waiting for him to accept my LinkedIn invite.

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