Cobain Mixtape

Those of us who actually remember what a cassette tape looks like made several mixtapes back in the day. Some mixtapes were made to get you through a long drive, some were made to impress the ladies/dudes, and some were made to help you cope with the fact that the ladies/dudes weren't impressed.

Personally, every mixtape I made in high school included Fucking Hostile by Pantera. I was, clearly, working through some stuff then. Anywho, Kurt Cobain was, apparently, way ahead of the curve in terms of mixtapes.

A, recently uncovered, Cobain mixtape, titled Montage of Heckmade when he was 21, shows how incredibly varied his musical taste was, as well as revealing that Kurt was, clearly, working through some stuff, too. Anyone who can groove to the Butthole Surfers and Iron Maiden on the same tape as Donny Osmond and John Denver has themselves one eclectic taste in music.

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