Let there be Mediocrity

One of the best design rules to understand is when to scrap a design and start over. The Lakers management need to learn that lesson.

Perhaps the best part of hating the Lakers, and specifically Kobe Bryant, is that in a league where "tanking" is thrown around quite often, the Lakers will never clean house and start fresh. They always believe that they are one piece away from a championship. That hubris is exactly why Lakers fans should be prepared for heaping scoops of mediocrity until Kobe retires.


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Simply Better

The Firefox logo underwent a facelift and it would take a sharp eye to notice the changes. In essence, the logo has been simplified to make it sharper at smaller sizes and on retina displays. Comparing it to the original logo truly shows how simplicity improves a logo design.

Read more about the redesign here.

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The Commitment

Of the many commitments we make throughout our lives there are some that are much more time consuming than others: marriage, having a child, your job, and watching Game of Thrones.

If you haven't seen an episode and are thinking of putting your toe in the water, know that you are talking about hours and hours of watching and re-watching episodes in order to figure out which character is which.

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In case you live under a rock like myself, the Big Ten realignment has split the conference into the East and West divisions and the biggest winner: Wisco!

Brian Bennet has a great post on ESPN.com that sums up all of the winners and losers but topping the list is that big ol' motion W. The good news for the M'H! team is that Iowa and Wisconsin are now in the same division so the rivalry is back! READ ON →

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Your Type of Beard

If your facial hair could be a font, which font would it be? Times New Roman? Apple Chancery? If you are a woman I sincerely hope that your font is Verdana.

Awww, I'm Gill Sans! How unoriginal.


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Can you do it with more feeling?

I would call this poster 'hilarious' but hilarious doesn't seem "hilarious" enough. Maybe if there were more 'pop' it would be more playful and animated in a way that will appeal to the target market. Maybe a couple of graphics that say "It's a mild summer day on the Irish coast and you're opening your favorite book book but you can't read a damned word because it is in italics." READ ON →

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Oh, no. (To Say it Mildly)

For anyone else who was victimized by a terrifically horrid Game of Thrones last night, there is help. Like most useful tidbits from the internet it is mostly in gif format - the tweet of the visual world because you can't say much with a gif but the brevity adds power. You're going to need it after that demoralizing end scene. READ ON →

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The Whopper goes hands free!

For those of you who can't be bothered to physically pick up a hamburger, Burger King in Puerto Rico has come to the rescue with its introduction of the Hands Free Whopper! It's an invention that would surely cause Homer Simpson to complain, "And here I am using my own hands like a sucker!". READ ON →

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September will rock

Now that spring has finally foisted itself upon the good people of Madison, it's difficult to think about fall, but bear with me. Madison is often overlooked as a destination for national touring acts who prefer our much larger neighboring cities, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis. READ ON →

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