Biggering just got so much easier thanks to the geniuses at Illo. With one click you can make your company logo bigger - just like everyone always wanted. This simple plugin for After Effects will certainly compensate for any shortfalls in a website/product/business plan.


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Best Jams of 2016

Because I can't get enough of the constant barrage of year end Top 10 lists, I feel the need to add to the endless parade by creating my own each year, based on the jams that made my face melt, made me forget about Trump, or had some other profound effect, during the course of the year.


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Pick Two

Sometimes an infographic can really provide all of the clarity you need when making decisions. Are you stumped as to what qualities you would like in your next design project? This infographic may help you to decide on what is truly important at the start of your next endeavor. READ ON →

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Aww, that’s Super

As a kid, I never had much time for comic books. Amidst my constant swirl of G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Legos, He-Man, Transformers, and football cards, I just couldn't fit them in. Well, maybe I should have cause, turns out, those things can be worth a penny or two down the road.


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‘Colbchella’ takes gold

Vulture recently handed out its annual TV awards and among the recipients was Stephen Colbert who took best late night moment for his take on Daft Punk's Get Lucky, which he dubbed the "Song of the Summer of the Century."


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Publicity Stunts

How would you sell a taco that wasn't actually a taco? 

Hmm, that's a tough one. Did you answer "Send out burner phones to 1,000 people and have them complete 'secret missions' that mostly revolve around social media plugs using said phones?" READ ON →

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Oh, here we go

The President does a lot of interviews, but not many interviewers are Zach Galifianakis. Try out some low budget comedy Between Two Ferns. Shameless plugs included.

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One Weird Trick

Beyond the horrifying 'One Weird Trick' flash ads that pepper the internet there is an increasingly intelligent network of advertising behind every sales pitch on the world wide web. If you have ever wondered how Slate knew that you were looking at a new desk on Overstock, there is a beautiful presentation by CM Summit that explains the process for all of the visual learners in the house.

Take a trip down the ad server pipeline.

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