Dag nab it! Sometimes you gotta bash a handful of reality into those dreamy doodleheads. Jeb Bush knows what I'm talking about. Atta boy, Jeb!


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I think not

Your beard has feces in it. That is the conclusion that is virally spreading through the internet. Bacteria are in beards, some that are similar to what is found in feces, so beards are 'full of feces.' The half-assed reporting that started this story could use a bit more fact checking.


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What about Bob?

In yet another throwback to the 80's, Full House is making a comeback. Netflix has ordered 13 episodes of Fuller House and will bring some new nostalgia to the streaming service alongside all of the other old movies and piles of vintage television shows. The real question is whether or not Bob Saget is dead. READ ON →

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Don’t Call it a Comeback

Ron Lindenbusch's story is an American tale of entrepreneurship and working your way up from the bottom, but his tale is a bit more doobie-ous. He isn't going to grace the cover of Inc. magazine but his is a tale worth hearing and his beer is worth drinking. READ ON →

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The Super Bowl Salvation

No one blames you for hating both of the teams in the Super Bowl this year. The Patriots are known for bending the rules as they see fit and the Seahawks blatantly use pass interference as defense. Make the best of this sour situation and engage in some friendly wagers or try to only pay attention to the commercials. Sure, the quality of advertising wavers from year to year but this one may get you just as fired up as I am for some of the brightest and best America has to offer. READ ON →

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3 Day Weekends

Ahhhh, three day weekends are good for the soul. Now, what to do with all of that time on your hands? I think we may have 99 answers to that question.


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